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November 8, 2011
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Zenkai Girl is not a romantic comedy. If a rom-com makes you cry and hurt all over, then I ain’t gonna watch any more. But it did make me think and appreciate Ryo-chan all the more.

Battle Royale 1 was kick ass! Battle Royale 2 was well, it was heavy and idealistic and it was so different from the gory movie it promised to be.

I just can’t make myself finish Kame’s Tata Hitotsu¬†and Sapuri. For the love of me and Kame- I can’t bear it. I can’t get his Yamato Nadekisho face in my head!


2nd season

January 3, 2011
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I was never a fan of 2nd seasons…

If I were anything, I hated 2nd seasons and 3rds and 4ths and so on. But with this particular anime, I am actually very excited! Probably because Sawako looks a lot like Sunako, and I love Sunako, that I grew attached to Kimi ni Todoke. Either way, they’re just so adorable. True, I felt kinda depressed when the 1st season ended that NOTHING happened. But I forgive very easily.

Plus, I’m excited to know what will happen to Chizu and Ryu. If there’s one thing, I love these 2 people more than the lead. But anyways, the 2nd season will start airing this January so I’m crossing my fingers.