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November 5, 2010
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– for the ultimate end.

In as much as I LOVED and ADORED watching PK, I know that it all has to stop. Especially now that I should be reviewing. Aish! SO yes, I am once again preparing for the withdrawal that is about to happen. I know that all good things must come to an end- mine just has to come earlier than the others.

If there is really one thing that makes me stick to this drama, it is that it is true to life. I get a high watching them but it also slaps me in the face because it clearly depicts real life. Seung jo remains to be a cold mule and Ha ni persists on being a stupid girl. Falling in love doesn’t really rid you of all the quirks in your personalities. And I love that the series is clearly showing this to viewers. This is one picture of what happens during the “happily ever after’.

You have the good, the bad, the annoying, the frustrating, the sweet. But real life has all this. In as much as I really want to talk about how I am squealing like a mad fangirl, I just wanted to say this. Let the withdrawal begin- again!

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i knew it!!!

November 2, 2010
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it was tooooo good to be true! I mean Baek Seng jo being a goody-goody-sweetie?! It’s just so unlike him!hahaha. But as a fangirl, I still hoped it would be true.6pm PH time, I waited for the 1st wepisode to air in youtube- and I was not disappointed. Armed with print screen, I gleefully took these pics!!!

This picture of “weeded bliss” just doesn’t reflect who you are as a couple. I mean, really… Baek Seung jo being lovey-dovey? If cats can talk, sure. But really… I don’t think so.

Now this…

This is the more accurate presentation of who you are. LOL!!

Ha ni, I feel for you girl!

But you wouldn’t be Ha ni if you didn’t try. So try you did to make him your own version of an English breakfast; of which we know ended like a disaster. But still- he loved your coffee, even if I’m also unsure whether that was really edible.

But he wouldn’t be Baek Seung jo either if he wouldn’t appreciate it, right? You really are sly! You act all cold but when she’s not looking you’re all smiles! Aish!Why do I tolerate you and your smiles?

Ok! I am so gonna a couple shirt-jacket-shoes, whatever it is that you’re trying to advertise! hahaha. I’m gonna buy a couple-anything!!!

But at the end of the day, this is my takehome! Yah, Baek Seung jo!!! It’s really the little things that you do that make Ha ni and me fall in love with you!

I know that this episode and the other eps are like so fanservice, but I’m not complaining. Bring in all the fanservice!!! I’d gladly take it, any day. And yes, in spite that I only knew 3% of the Korean that you used in this ep, I think I understood 90% of what happened. If that ain’t love, I don’t know what is. hahaha! Tomorrow can’t come too soon- for ep2!!!

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major fangirl scream

November 2, 2010
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-that was elicited from me because of this picture! Clearly, my PK addiction is still very much on high. hahaha.

I am currently in the office, trying to make a decent living when I received an email prompt about this and I obediently looked at it!. Big mistake. How can I focus now when I’m gonna always have this picture in my head for the entire day?!

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beyond excited

November 1, 2010
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It seems that my PK addiction has not really ended. Well, giselle, it can’t really end when you’re cellphone is full of PK goodies! Anyways, I am practically squealing right now because the teaser for the youtube version is out and gyyaaaahhh!!! I can barely contain my fangirl squeal!

The best thing about this is that they’re gonna air this on November 2. And what day is it today?!!! It’s already November 1!!! I must have lost track of dates and times because I was surprised when I realized that I can watch this tomorrow! Yes, tomorrow!!!

I will most probably have a silly smile plastered on my face- for the entire day! And most probably my boss and other officemates will ask me what’s up with me. hahhaa

Something tells me that the shirt is too big for Jung So min, but it doesn’t matter. All I know now is that I AM SO GETTING THAT COUPLE SHIRT – for myself. hahaha. But I’ll never know maybe I just need to buy that shirt so I can give the other to that someone else. nyehehe.

In all honesty, I was never a fan of Kim Hyun Joong. When I actually found out that he was gonna have a concert here in PH, I was not even interested to know when and where it was gonna be. I admit I even asked my friend who KHJ is. The name that got stuck in my head is Ji hoo. But now, but now…

I still don’t consider myself a fan.

But I am seriously in love with Baek Seung-jo! I don’t know how that fits in the universe but I’m quite content with it. I think if a girl wouldn’t melt if smiled at like that by him- then cursed be you for you are a stone!

It is gonna be a long 24 hours from now till 7KST…

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goodbye to the cute

October 8, 2010
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-and say hello to the drama!

I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!

I knew all along that it wouldn’t be a kdrama if there was no angst. It would be like dragonball z without the dragon balls. Anyways, fine. I know that this is a necessity in the story and that really this is one of the main plots of the original manga story- but why oh why does it have to be this sad?!

Sure there were moments of glee! Just like when Seung jo did this i-don’t-really-care-but-i’m-gonna-butt-in-anyway moment. This was really cute and elicited a major fangirl scream from me. Oh we ALL know you like Ha ni, but dude do you have to be so sly?! And Ha ni, I hurt so much because you’re so dumb. I would actually be willing to donate some of my intelligence to you just so you can get it! Aish!

We are in episode 12 and the next week will surely be torture. To counteract that, I am officially deciding to focus on work. Yes. I promise, I will not visit soompi after today. Promise! I will not lurk in several forum sites to know the latest on what’s gonna happen next. I will simply wait for next Wednesday to know what would actually happen. So, please help me God.

Huhuhuhu. Seung jo… I know you’re gonna make it up to Ha ni in the future but dude, you’re really killing me. Can’t you just grow up already? I know you had to undergo the straight to curly hair, to the now neither-straight-nor-curly phase- but… I actually have no words.

Since watching this drama, I noticed I’ve been using the words BUT and WHY very much. And I am asking myself why again, why am I putting myself through so much torture for you?! WHY?! Don’t answer that…I am literally crying real tears for this show… waaahhh!

Let the withdrawal begin…!

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September 24, 2010
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– which is produced as Mian-hae, meaning “I’m sorry.”

Mian-hae Hong unnis. In as much as i love your writing and Gumiho- I love PK more. Yeah, I know:  I’m unfaithful. Forgive me. Rest assured I will still watch it, but I want to be truthful when I say I am even more excited about what will happen to Ha-ni rather than Mi-ho.

Even if I was absolutely won over by Shin Mi-na’s acting, mian-hae. Honestly, I didn’t watch A love to kill,  was disappointed when I found out she was the lead and thought that she was too old for the role. I never felt so happy to be wrong about something because she’s just amazing!

Mian-hae, because despite Lee Seung gi’s charm and transformation, I am still awed by KHJ. Yeah, I know compare the two as actors and KHJ will eat a lot of dust. But still… there’s just something.

And even if, you’re so cute together-


My heart is really beating for them now. They had me at Yah Oh-Ha ni!

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my favorite days:

September 22, 2010
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Wednesdays and Thursdays

– and Fridays!

This is because Playful Kiss and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho air on these days. Doesn’t matter that I have to wait a couple of hours before I can watch the raw, a couple more hours to read the recaps and a day to watch it with subtitles. It doesn’t matter- because they air on these days!

I added Friday ’cause who wouldn’t love the weekend right?

These days are my new Saturdays and Sundays!


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Playful Kiss

August 24, 2010
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(fangirl scream)

For my first post on Kdrama- I think it is fitting to feature the Korean Adaptation of Itazura na Kiss. Yeah, I know. How can I like a drama that I already saw (for like the nth time already)?! But the first was Taiwanese and the other one, an anime and the manga was not in color!

If there is one thing I am looking forward to this September- it is the premiere of this show. I may not be a Kim Hyun-joong fan (Duhh! He was sooo pathetic in BOF), but I’ll give him a chance. The fact that I find the character he’ll play so adorable is enough reason to give him this chance.

It’s gonna be a long 10 weeks once this show starts.

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