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June 2, 2011
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Watching Lovely Complex became a part of our daily routine. My bros would wait for me and we would watch a couple of episodes. This went on for a couple of days but I desperately wanted to know what will happen. So I stayed up and endured 4 hours of sleep so we could finish the series. Risa is really a great girl!

Sure, we got annoyed when she would confess and love and then stop loving Otanio and confess and love him again. We also got so frustrated when she became a little pathetic with him. But let it be known we continued to support her! She’s really hilarious- makes me want to wish I can do some of her faces.


Hands down this anime tops my list of ugly faces! Risa shifts from curios to incredulous to hilarious to scary to downright disturbing. But heck- who cares? She got Otani in the end! Kudos to this anime because we were able to laugh a lot. I just might read the manga so I can say I saw and read all versions of Lovely Complex!



May 31, 2011
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Who doesn’t have one? But this anime takes it to the next level. I must admit that I would enjoy this anime better if I hadn’t watched the movie version. But still this anime is simply more hilarious than the movie. I’m loving every bit of Risa and Otani in this anime. Lovely Complex is indeed a fun watch!

I would never have thought that my youngest brother was actually very emphatic; seeing the way he reacts to the scenes of Risa confessing her heart out. I must say that Risa is one strong girl. Otani is still Otani- playful, confused but still caring Otani. I’m looking forward to finishing this anime. Really excited to finish this tonight!

Cheers to Otani and Risa!

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April 1, 2011

I tried very hard to laugh without making a sound. It was hard! This movie is really something. It’s one of those sweet-funny-very-highschool-is movies that gets me every time.So, being the researcher that I’d like to think I am- I googled Lovely Complex.

With this, I learned that this movie is actually based on a manga and was already produced as an anime. To further appease my curiosity, I also read a little of the manga. Now I don’t know which I like better- the movie or the manga. I heart Koike Teppe but I think the anime Otani is way better!