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good intentions

April 3, 2011
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I had every intention to watch it, all of it. But 2o hours spent on watching a series is just a little too much sacrifice for me. Yeah, I couldn’t watch Secret Garden in its entirety. I wanted to do but I think I’m so into other things lately that spending 20 hours in royal bum entertainment became too much.

What I did was speed through it. What that meant is watch Episode 14- 20 in reverse order. hahaha. I liked it. But since it’s not in Japanese, the enthusiasm level was just not that high. What I did like about it was Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin. She was really kick ass in 1 moment then totally kyay-cute in the next!

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

The other thing I liked about it was his version of what Snow White is all about: ” A member of elite class who supervises 7 dwarfs. After another elite member comes and kisses her, she abandons the dwarfs and runs!” hahaha. Good stuff right there.

Maybe someday, I hope someday I can have enough motivation to actually watch this series. I know it’s good its’ just not in my priority list.