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a little thai movie

April 18, 2011
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Ok, had he P’Shone only said these words at the beginning, then life would have been happier. But of course this is a movie so we had to go through the hard way.

A little thing called love is a fun watch. As a friend put it, ‘it’s so cute it aches’. Yes, this movie is really cute and adorable. But it is also frustrating and sad. I found it cute because of all the ‘high school’ elements. I mean who hasn’t stalked his/her crush during those nostalgic school days? Oh, Nam was so cute in doing all those things and P’Shone acted like any other male out there that seems to have no clue as to what is happening.

It was so frustrating because P’Shone was such a loser. Dude, you could have just talked to her and tell her you like her? Why did you do all that and just let your bestfriend ask Nam out?! That’s just so stupid. And why the heck did you get into a relationship with Pin? I can call you a jerk if you weren’t so damn cute!

So you spend 9 years apart. I can deal with that. I mean you both had to grow and stuff. But man! That was 9 years!!! How could you be so mean to each other?! But hey if everything went well, this movie wouldn’t have the charm that it has.

I forgive you though for making me cry. Yes, I shed real tears when I found out that the rose is actually from P’Shone and that he grew it on his own and that the apple was from him and that he also kept the chocolate Nam gave him. Yes, I forgive you even if I know that it’s impossible to be that ‘white’ in a span of just how many years. I forgive you because at the end of the day I am a romantic. And somehow I’m rooting for Nam ‘cause deep down I’m also hoping that that single boy who made my heart beat would like me in return.