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gearing up

November 5, 2010
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– for the ultimate end.

In as much as I LOVED and ADORED watching PK, I know that it all has to stop. Especially now that I should be reviewing. Aish! SO yes, I am once again preparing for the withdrawal that is about to happen. I know that all good things must come to an end- mine just has to come earlier than the others.

If there is really one thing that makes me stick to this drama, it is that it is true to life. I get a high watching them but it also slaps me in the face because it clearly depicts real life. Seung jo remains to be a cold mule and Ha ni persists on being a stupid girl. Falling in love doesn’t really rid you of all the quirks in your personalities. And I love that the series is clearly showing this to viewers. This is one picture of what happens during the “happily ever after’.

You have the good, the bad, the annoying, the frustrating, the sweet. But real life has all this. In as much as I really want to talk about how I am squealing like a mad fangirl, I just wanted to say this. Let the withdrawal begin- again!

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