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November 10, 2011
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I guess this will always be a cycle. Just when I thought I would be a die-hard fangirl for this season, I find myself gong back to my otaku roots.I am being lulled back into reading my beloved mangas.

It has been such a long time since I read Kimi ni Todoke. I thought Shaman King was over but no! They just released the Remix Track plus the sequel Flowers.And I just finished reading 6 months worth of the latest Bleach chapters! I’m tempted to read Naruto…but not tempted enough.

I have yet to know what’s been happening with Fairy Tail and Belbo! I don’t even want to start with the new season of  Shakugan no Shana.

My schedule is already full with work, raket, Masters and doramas… Ouran High School, Hana Kimi remake

Will this ever end??? 


the rave about rave

May 25, 2011
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In spite of my busy schedule, I really take time to watch anything Japanese. It seems I feel my stress ebbing away as soon as I hear a different language. My brother happen to have a treasure of an external disk where he unearthed a collection of this anime, albeit until episode 20 only. But still- this is better than nothing.

So we watched RAVE. He mentioned that this was the earlier work of the manga author of Fairy Tail- since I liked Fairy Tail, I gave it a try. 2 episodes after- I figured the author liked to recycle, characters. There were a number of characters in Rave that also appear in Fairy Tail. Case in point: Plue.

All along I thought he was just a random character in FT but no! He seems to be the ultimate guardian here in Rave. Also, Jellal! Talk about casting the bad guy twice! Well, maybe Jellal is the younger version of the antagonist in Rave.

But as opposed to FT, the progression here is so ssssllllooooowww… With FT, a lot of things already happen in a single episode: fights get finished, resolutions happen, so on and so forth. But here- oh man! A single fight takes a couple of eps! Have I been too used to fast development and not appreciate the beauty of well, slow development?

I’m hoping I can resist just reading the ep recaps and actually watch the remaining 40+ eps for this anime. Here’s to crossed fingers!

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No way!

March 30, 2011
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Of all the stuff that happen in this series, this has got to be the one that cracked me up:

“I can’t look at you without hidden desires anymore!!!”

I almost fell off my seat after reading this. haha. Who would have thought you had it in you, Sawako? You didn’t really give Kazehaya a chance to properly react. hahaha! ‘Cause really, ‘there’s no way we could hate you for that’.

I gotta make time so I can catch up with the other eps. How come it’s only until Episode 12?


January 20, 2011
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After a very tiring day, I sometimes look to them for relief. Yeah, call me a loser but an otaku is an otaku. Hmmm… I wish I can watch KNT real time. But I can only rely on recaps nowadays. I must say though, that things are getting more interesting. There seems to be movement with Sawako and Kazehaya. But I’m more looking forward to how Chi and Ryuu will pan out.

How cute can cute get?

2nd best

January 5, 2011
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What makes a series successful? Yes, the leads! BUT, if there were no equally amazing second leads- then there wouldn’t be enough staying power. And for Kimi ni Todoke, they are the staying power for me!

Ryu and Chizuru are one odd pairing. Well, odd for my purposes. He likes her, she likes his older brother. She eventually finds out the older brother is getting married, gets angry at Ryu but ends up looking to him for comfort. He, on the other hand, just waits for her to get over his older brother. Oh yeah, he likes her that much!

I’m actually unsure whether I’m rooting for Ayane and Pin. Yeah, the all the clues and hints are there- but Pin is a 10-year old boy trapped in a 30-something person. hahaha. But anyways, seeing these 2 couples really make Kimi ni Todoke a really good series to watch!

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Special A all over again

September 1, 2010
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In as much as I loved Special A and would want to keep it as one of my most beloved shojou anime- I have to move on. And Kaicho wa Maid-sama is my current favorite at the moment. Literally translated as “The Student Council President is a Maid”, this anime is a very fun series to watch. Not only is it funny, it also has the right doze of kilig that I’ve come to miss. A plus point is that Usui is kinda like Kei as well.

I started watching this last night but found out that I only had until episode 6.  It is during this time that I thank the creators of Wikipedia. Voila! Just search it in Google and you can find a detailed synopsis of the episodes. And reading until Ep 20 has been fun. Well, it’s not like its the best in storyline- but it has enough to make me want to stick to it.

Of course, having a leading man like him is also a major reason.

Usui is the perfect blend of smart, responsible, apathetic yet chivalrous dude that makes any shojou manga/anime a delight!