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one reason

October 8, 2010
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I did blog about having asked a lot of why’s recently. On this Friday, I think I found out an answer.


Methinks I am so affected by this drama because it both amazes and frustrates me. It amazes me to think that despite being the normal girl, Seung jo can fall in love with Ha ni. Seung jo, being the genius that he is, literally has everything. The other things he does not have, he can work for it. He is the epitome of a perfect guy; of course, except the part of him not feeling and showing anything. But, who wouldn’t feel giddy and all love dovey about this guy falling in love with a not-so-smart-but-determined-girl right?


That being said, I go now to the opposite side of the spectrum. I am frustrated with Ha ni. Yes, I am all for this girl; I cry with her, laugh with her. But why does her world need to revolve only on Baek Seung jo? Why?!


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meet and greet

September 27, 2010
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So this is who they look like in real life…


Pictures via:

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The other exemption/s

September 23, 2010
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I admit, I lied.

I said I would not write about Glee after my first entry, but that was a lie. I cannot help but not do this for him:

Yes, I have a thing with Asian guys. The first time I ever saw an episode of Glee, I remember I took note that there were 2 Asians in the show. I found out much later that they were actually called The Asian girl and The other Asian.

Later on, I will allot some time to google this person and know stuff about him. If he actually starred in a movie or something, I will certainly make a way to get a copy. If this guy would actually have a bigger role in Glee, I just might end up watching it. Oh my swerving heart…

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The only exemption

September 23, 2010
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For anybody who claims to be my friend, knowing that I am no fan of Hollywood series is an obvious fact. Yeah sometimes I do watch, but not to the point that I go gaga over it. And I don’t think I’m ready to change my mind about that. But on this one time only, I am making an exemption by writing about Glee. Yeah you read it right- this is about Glee.

I actually spent a precious hour to watch the primetime telecast of Glee in ETC. Why I watched it- because of Charice. Even if I am an otaku, I am still a Filipino; and Filipinos should support each other. I did not watch the 1st season but I know enough to know the general feel of the series. And Charice- you made me proud!

Of course I’m sad that you’re gonna be part of Vocal Adrenaline; but I was clapping when you started to sing Telephone and I even gave you a standing ovation when you sang Listen. All in all I am happy to have watched your first episode in Glee. I’m just not sure though if I can still watch the next episodes. I’m just not into the whole never-ending-seasons style of Hollywood. I’m afraid that I might get so hooked that I’d actually die of waiting. Rest assured I will still support you, albeit in the shadows. But hey, kudos to you!

I am hoping that you get to be friends with the other Asians. I had a good laugh when they said that the “Asian community is tight”. Although I’m not sure if I am actually happy about them getting together, but Tina does have a point: Mike’s abs are too irresistible. Anyways, I do hope and pray that you would succeed in your Hollywood career. Mabuhay ka teh! Karirin mo na yan ng bonggang-bongga!

My fingers are still crossed about you being part of Vocal adrenaline…


I found myself singing to the tune of pyramid but with different lyrics.


Ang English ng bato ay stone.”


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i’m such an otaku

August 26, 2010
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Because I’m such a nice person, I decided to accompany a friend to “housesit”. Since I’m already a nice person, I also decided to wait for her to finish her french lessons so we can go “home” together. To kill time, I went to Market-Market to amuse myself. The places I went to really revealed my interests.

My first destination was in Book Sale. I thought I might see a good book that would interest me enough to buy it. But then I remembered why I was nice enough to housesit- to save on transportation. If  I would buy something, then that would defeat the purpose of saving right? So I left the bookstore because I just might be tempted.

Next stop was Video City. I know I have a membership here so I could easily borrow something. When I entered, a movie about zombies and mental patients was playing. I got too distracted and ended up watching the last 10 minutes of the movie. Like all movies of this genre, the movie ended tragically – 2 people survived but the entire zombieland managed to break free and is about to take over the world. Disgusted, I left the store to just roam around the mall.

Then I saw Comic Alley. I couldn’t contain my excitement upon seeing this. This was like Disneyland for any Japanese anime/manga fan. So I spent the next 60 or so minutes just checking out all their products. For a stall that was miniature in size, an hour is like forever. I inspected the posters, the keychains, the keypads, the CDs, the wallets, the ballers- EVERYTHING.

Then I saw something that made me think, “I have to have a picture with that”. That was my train of thought cause it was so expensive, no way I was buying it. But since I spent the past hour just rummaging through the products without buying anything yet, I kinda felt ashamed to ask the saleslady to have a picture with their product. This is the part where I realized how much of an otaku I am. I bought a CD so I can have enough “integrity” to have my picture!

So here it is. Presenting the proof that I am indeed an otaku:

I mean who wouldn’t love Urahara’s hat right?

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