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May 14, 2012
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How do they do it? How can other people commit to blogging? It has been several months and I have yet to post a decent blog on what I’ve been watching. This blog should just be a log book; not a blog. O Giselle, why not write blog on what you watch? But since I want to write again, let us be happy with the following log:

In as much as I loved Tamaki’s antics in Ouran Highschool Host Club – I am a Kyoya-senpai fun! Especially that police outfit!!! I became a Junpei fangirl after watching Highschool Debut but went all gaga after  Detective Conan.  Acchan didn’t really astound me as Mizuki in Hana Kimi 2011. Naramiya is the perfect Yankee-kun(to Megane-chan)!!!

Maybe? Must be! Pride made me a fan of Queens. KimuTaku for the win! Though, I wasn’t really happy with Engine that much. Who would’ve thought I’d actually like AKB48? I never thought it possible but I changed my mind after watching Majisuka Gakuin. 

Who became a Junbait? Me! Me! Me! Darn that Gokusen series! I scream of Shin-Yankumi OTP! So why is Sawada Shin missing in the Gokusen movie? Tell me! Tell me! I even went as far as read the manga and watch the anime but no! Not enough!

Makes me question why Masaki died in I give my heart to you! And why did the 2nd die in Nurarihyon no mago? Sure I appreciate that it’s crucial for the story but that was so sad! Good thing the story with Nurarihyon and O-hime was worth it!

I can’t bear to watch another Ryo drama so I didn’t finish his Ganbatte ikemashoi and Nini.But I did endure and eventually liked Nino and Sho’s Yamada Taro Monogatari. I still can’t bear finishing Belzeebub but I got a little teary eyed when I saw the last episode of Bleach. Why end like that? Why?

Good thing I had a good laugh with My Boss, My Hero. Gotta love Koki in that series. So who loves KOKI? ME! ME! ME!

After everything I’ve said- what’s the lesson of this story? Fandom never stops.


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November 10, 2011
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I guess this will always be a cycle. Just when I thought I would be a die-hard fangirl for this season, I find myself gong back to my otaku roots.I am being lulled back into reading my beloved mangas.

It has been such a long time since I read Kimi ni Todoke. I thought Shaman King was over but no! They just released the Remix Track plus the sequel Flowers.And I just finished reading 6 months worth of the latest Bleach chapters! I’m tempted to read Naruto…but not tempted enough.

I have yet to know what’s been happening with Fairy Tail and Belbo! I don’t even want to start with the new season of  Shakugan no Shana.

My schedule is already full with work, raket, Masters and doramas… Ouran High School, Hana Kimi remake

Will this ever end??? 


April 1, 2011

I tried very hard to laugh without making a sound. It was hard! This movie is really something. It’s one of those sweet-funny-very-highschool-is movies that gets me every time.So, being the researcher that I’d like to think I am- I googled Lovely Complex.

With this, I learned that this movie is actually based on a manga and was already produced as an anime. To further appease my curiosity, I also read a little of the manga. Now I don’t know which I like better- the movie or the manga. I heart Koike Teppe but I think the anime Otani is way better!

poet as well

November 3, 2010
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Hats off to Tite Kubo!

Dude, you really now how to write! Not only do you know how to tell a story, you got an amazing way with words! Yeah! This latest quote is just so…so… poetic in a way!

“days he’s dreamed of days that were like dreams”


Even if Bleach is slowly becoming something like your typical shoujo manga with highschool fights and stuff, I still like it. Just don’t dwell on it too much. Reading this chapter reminded me of Yankee-kun to Megane-chan. Actually, thinking about it now… you do seem to look alike. hmmm….

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October 28, 2010
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“I’ve become what I’ve always dreamed of.”

– Kurosaki Ichigo.

Hail the start of a new Bleach era!



It’s already been 17 months?! My gosh… the amount of time skip is still small in number as compared to the months we’ve waited to finish this current arc. haha. But seriously…?!!!

Yeah, that makes the both of us. What could possibly they (meaning everybody) been up to? But hey, even if a lot of things changed; a lot of things are still the same. Like the fact that I still love Bleach. Yey!

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October 7, 2010
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You’ve got to be kidding, right? This is so not the closure for Bleach. Right? Right? Right?

Sure, it has all the elements of an epilogue. It seems Byakua, Kenpachi and Shunsi are all well and being scolded by Yamaji after losing their Captain’s haori.

And all three are expressing their personalities with their answers.

And even Ukitake is well and as always hanging out with his underlings.

Even Gin and Matsumoto are having a closure… Though I must say I’m lost as to what really happened to Gin. Did he die or just disappeared like he usually does…?

Plus, we actually see the entire gang behaving just like usual, with Orihime being the person that she is. (Oh, my heart aches for you Orihime. If only Ichigo would realize he loves you, then the world would be a happy 0range world.)

BUT. Seriously. Is this actually a closure???

I know all to well that everything started when Ichigo met Rukia and that this picture shows us that Rukia is fading away… BUT, I refuse to believe this is the beginning of the real end!



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you can never can tell

September 24, 2010
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Just because they published the last chapter does not mean that there will be no more additional release. This is one amazing fact that got reinforced today. Just when I thought that FMA was over and there would be no more updates, Mangastream tweeted that they released the Gaiden issue!

Not that I’m complaining or anything; I’ m actually so happy at the moment. It says it’s the epilogue of what happened when Ed and Al went home to Resembool: his old armor body was shipped by Central.

I just love Ed and Winry’s interactions. I was tempted to say Ed-Winry-Al interaction, but Al rarely says anything when these two are like this.

This is another classic! Now this is a picture of Ed-Al-Winry interaction! Ed is really a protective old bro.

I think this is the perfect closure to Al’s former armor self. How fitting that his head will be used a home for stray birds.

I am close to letting my tears fall… huhuhu. I will miss FMA!

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From butterfly to…

September 14, 2010
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– a weird from of evolved specie that is known as Aizen.

Seriously, Aizen is weird. He’s just weird. This panel right here says a lot about what’s happening. I mean just how many times can one person evolve? Even if this person is an anime/manga character, there’s bound to be a point where enough is enough. This  has to  STOP!

  • First, he was the glasses-wearing dude.
  • Then, he became the dude who has several strands of his hair in his face
  • After that, he became a butterfly with red flowing hair.
  • His face split into two.
  • Now, he looks like (1) Greed in Fullmetal Alchemist
  • (2)  ray shark gone wrong
  • (3) hollow that obviously hadn’t eaten any plus lately…

Why oh why do I still read Bleach?

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Just as planned?!

August 26, 2010
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Oh yeah! Ichigo’s really back.He’s looking good actually. But of course, we can’t really tell. He actually has to fight or “kick ass”Aizen first before we can claim that he’s actually stronger. Aizen might actually say- at the end of it all- that it was still part of the plan. waaaahhh!!

And Gin is not quite “dead” as we thought he was. Another affirmation that no bad guys ever die in Bleach.

Yeah. Bleach is getting awesome-er again!!!

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begin with the end in mind

August 23, 2010
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But, I never thought that it would end this good!

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