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what happened? | May 14, 2011

Seriously, this movie really just made me question my sanity and/or comprehension skills. Honestly, I wasn’t sure whether I was watching a korean movie or a japanese one. It felt like a korean movie, just with japanese audio. Anyways, Cyborg She was a good watch(?) I’m still unsure whether it really is a good watch. Everything was just so all over the place.

Who did he fell in love with? And did the cyborg her really feel something? And so ok, she came back to the past and he fell in love with her and he had an accident and the future him asked a cyborg her to go back to the past to save him but they died anyways and far off in the future she gets her memory and goes back to the time that he was still alive and marries him? And then what? Time travel is forbidden cause it has ramifications right? But no! This movie seemed to take all that and classify it as ‘not a consideration’.

Girl: It’s really me. Well, not really. I’m another person but I have all her memories and I feel her heart. And anyways, I was the first one you really saw!

Guy: Ok, I’ll just close my eyes and believe! You look the same anyways! But wait- did I really grow old to be that old and ugly?


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