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May 31, 2011
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Who doesn’t have one? But this anime takes it to the next level. I must admit that I would enjoy this anime better if I hadn’t watched the movie version. But still this anime is simply more hilarious than the movie. I’m loving every bit of Risa and Otani in this anime. Lovely Complex is indeed a fun watch!

I would never have thought that my youngest brother was actually very emphatic; seeing the way he reacts to the scenes of Risa confessing her heart out. I must say that Risa is one strong girl. Otani is still Otani- playful, confused but still caring Otani. I’m looking forward to finishing this anime. Really excited to finish this tonight!

Cheers to Otani and Risa!


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the rave about rave

May 25, 2011
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In spite of my busy schedule, I really take time to watch anything Japanese. It seems I feel my stress ebbing away as soon as I hear a different language. My brother happen to have a treasure of an external disk where he unearthed a collection of this anime, albeit until episode 20 only. But still- this is better than nothing.

So we watched RAVE. He mentioned that this was the earlier work of the manga author of Fairy Tail- since I liked Fairy Tail, I gave it a try. 2 episodes after- I figured the author liked to recycle, characters. There were a number of characters in Rave that also appear in Fairy Tail. Case in point: Plue.

All along I thought he was just a random character in FT but no! He seems to be the ultimate guardian here in Rave. Also, Jellal! Talk about casting the bad guy twice! Well, maybe Jellal is the younger version of the antagonist in Rave.

But as opposed to FT, the progression here is so ssssllllooooowww… With FT, a lot of things already happen in a single episode: fights get finished, resolutions happen, so on and so forth. But here- oh man! A single fight takes a couple of eps! Have I been too used to fast development and not appreciate the beauty of well, slow development?

I’m hoping I can resist just reading the ep recaps and actually watch the remaining 40+ eps for this anime. Here’s to crossed fingers!

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what happened?

May 14, 2011
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Seriously, this movie really just made me question my sanity and/or comprehension skills. Honestly, I wasn’t sure whether I was watching a korean movie or a japanese one. It felt like a korean movie, just with japanese audio. Anyways, Cyborg She was a good watch(?) I’m still unsure whether it really is a good watch. Everything was just so all over the place.

Who did he fell in love with? And did the cyborg her really feel something? And so ok, she came back to the past and he fell in love with her and he had an accident and the future him asked a cyborg her to go back to the past to save him but they died anyways and far off in the future she gets her memory and goes back to the time that he was still alive and marries him? And then what? Time travel is forbidden cause it has ramifications right? But no! This movie seemed to take all that and classify it as ‘not a consideration’.

Girl: It’s really me. Well, not really. I’m another person but I have all her memories and I feel her heart. And anyways, I was the first one you really saw!

Guy: Ok, I’ll just close my eyes and believe! You look the same anyways! But wait- did I really grow old to be that old and ugly?

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want watch

May 5, 2011
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Omo! The Scheduler is crying! 

I think this picture/person alone is enough reason for me to want to watch 49 days. I hope this show ends already and that Scheduler will have a happy ending… Only then will I actually watch! hahaha

It’s been a long while since I saw a korean series and I must say I’m kinda missing it. This season’s lineup is kinda reminding why I got so addicted to kseries.

Now this series, I think I will really watch! Yes, I am such a Hong sisters fan. I will forever be their fan and will always have a bias with their series. Oh and Cha Seung Won is here!

Ever since Princess Hours, I’ve been a fan of YEH. So if I have time to kill- I will also find time read the recaps of this series. And if this turns out well, I just might watch it.


May 2, 2011
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It’s been a long while since I had a marathon with my brother. I kinda lost interest in watching animes because they almost never end. But then again, Fairy Tail is an anime that has the power to pull me back to anime-watching. And it did not fail me.

I started watching this anime a year and a half ago. Never had the time and interest to watch the other eps. Well until my bro downloaded the eps. We started with ep.17 all the way to 40. Still a long way to go though…

Either way… it was fun watching anime again. It’s really funny how characters always have ‘latent’ powers that only come out when their friends are in danger and that everyone has a backstory that will haunt them in the present. Still… this is fun! More, more of Fairy Tail!!!

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