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April 28, 2011
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Why did I choose to buy this DVDs?

Not that I don’t really like this series, I think I could have picked a better one. Sure I really liked Keiko’s performance as Riko in Buzzer Beat, but as Momoko- what the?!

Mop girl was actually ok; just not very intriguing as a series. Sure she could go back in time to help dead people not die. But relationally there was just no spark! Can’t I have a decent love story when I really need one?

With all the going back to the past, I’m still confused if Otomo-san actually found out that it was his girlfriend that saved Momoko. Honestly, the one episode that I really connected with is the last one. I actually thought he died… but no!



a little thai movie

April 18, 2011
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Ok, had he P’Shone only said these words at the beginning, then life would have been happier. But of course this is a movie so we had to go through the hard way.

A little thing called love is a fun watch. As a friend put it, ‘it’s so cute it aches’. Yes, this movie is really cute and adorable. But it is also frustrating and sad. I found it cute because of all the ‘high school’ elements. I mean who hasn’t stalked his/her crush during those nostalgic school days? Oh, Nam was so cute in doing all those things and P’Shone acted like any other male out there that seems to have no clue as to what is happening.

It was so frustrating because P’Shone was such a loser. Dude, you could have just talked to her and tell her you like her? Why did you do all that and just let your bestfriend ask Nam out?! That’s just so stupid. And why the heck did you get into a relationship with Pin? I can call you a jerk if you weren’t so damn cute!

So you spend 9 years apart. I can deal with that. I mean you both had to grow and stuff. But man! That was 9 years!!! How could you be so mean to each other?! But hey if everything went well, this movie wouldn’t have the charm that it has.

I forgive you though for making me cry. Yes, I shed real tears when I found out that the rose is actually from P’Shone and that he grew it on his own and that the apple was from him and that he also kept the chocolate Nam gave him. Yes, I forgive you even if I know that it’s impossible to be that ‘white’ in a span of just how many years. I forgive you because at the end of the day I am a romantic. And somehow I’m rooting for Nam ‘cause deep down I’m also hoping that that single boy who made my heart beat would like me in return.


good intentions

April 3, 2011
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I had every intention to watch it, all of it. But 2o hours spent on watching a series is just a little too much sacrifice for me. Yeah, I couldn’t watch Secret Garden in its entirety. I wanted to do but I think I’m so into other things lately that spending 20 hours in royal bum entertainment became too much.

What I did was speed through it. What that meant is watch Episode 14- 20 in reverse order. hahaha. I liked it. But since it’s not in Japanese, the enthusiasm level was just not that high. What I did like about it was Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin. She was really kick ass in 1 moment then totally kyay-cute in the next!

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

The other thing I liked about it was his version of what Snow White is all about: ” A member of elite class who supervises 7 dwarfs. After another elite member comes and kisses her, she abandons the dwarfs and runs!” hahaha. Good stuff right there.

Maybe someday, I hope someday I can have enough motivation to actually watch this series. I know it’s good its’ just not in my priority list.



April 1, 2011

I tried very hard to laugh without making a sound. It was hard! This movie is really something. It’s one of those sweet-funny-very-highschool-is movies that gets me every time.So, being the researcher that I’d like to think I am- I googled Lovely Complex.

With this, I learned that this movie is actually based on a manga and was already produced as an anime. To further appease my curiosity, I also read a little of the manga. Now I don’t know which I like better- the movie or the manga. I heart Koike Teppe but I think the anime Otani is way better!