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a good watch | March 28, 2011

It was Friday and I was looking for a short movie to entertain myself with. Good thing I dropped by dramacrazy to check out the latest subbed series/movie and I’m so happy to have stumbled upon this series.

Propose Kyoudai is a feel good series. I liked it. Yes, it can be described as a ‘typical Japanese love stories’ but I’m ok with it. The 3 brothers and cousin were cute. If I were to ask which part was my favorite- I wouldn’t know how to answer.

The 1st one was ok, I think. It was an introduction to the series so it was kinda boring, somehow. I spend a lot of time remembering who the girl is and what series I saw her in. After a couple of hours, I remembered! She was the girl opposite Miura in Samurai High School! hahaha

The 2nd episode was really cute! I totally feel for Jiro. Koike Teppei was really cute! This is my first time seeing him so I actually had a fun time squealing like a fangirl.

The 3rd ep was ok also. I mean I’m all for the fact that he proposed when they were kids and all. But the dude still has a lot of growing up to do. I’m amazed at the girl ’cause she married him- but what else can I say?

The 4th ep with the cousin is hilarious. hahaha. I loved how they played around him having walls and actually have a lot of holes in it. I especially liked the part when he was telling his cousins all about the girl and they were just amazed that he was talking, about a girl. This has got to be my favorite scene in all the series:

Although, I think I’m biased with this ep. cause it’s a closure and everyone made a cameo.

All in all, it was a good 4 hours! I laughed and giggled a lot and it made me realize, again why I love watching Japanese series. Where else can you watch 4 love stories and not have a single kissing scene, but still tickle all your romantic senses? Yeah, this is why I love Asian series.

‘Happy ever after, anybody?’


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