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No way!

March 30, 2011
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Of all the stuff that happen in this series, this has got to be the one that cracked me up:

“I can’t look at you without hidden desires anymore!!!”

I almost fell off my seat after reading this. haha. Who would have thought you had it in you, Sawako? You didn’t really give Kazehaya a chance to properly react. hahaha! ‘Cause really, ‘there’s no way we could hate you for that’.

I gotta make time so I can catch up with the other eps. How come it’s only until Episode 12?



March 30, 2011
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“If she doesn’t win and that ball doesn’t get in, I’m seriously gonna strangle somebody!” These were my thoughts during the last minutes of watching  Pro Golfer Hana. I mean seriously, how can a show be so-so exasperating?


Sure, I did laugh a lot the first few episodes. Ok, I laughed-out-loud like I was the only person in the room. It is that kind of series; the one that is really just non-sensical. And yes, I also giggled like a schoolgirl in Episode 4.

BUT still- why? I know it’s unfair to demand sense and logic from a dorama but did it have to go as far as selling her house and evicting the entire family?! And how can anyone be as *forgive me for the word* stupid as Hana? Yeah, she’s a pure- hearted girl intent on pursuing her dream; but did she have to be so dense and trusting and so utterly naive?

Yes, I did not like this series very much. Considering that I bought this DVD in Singapore for how many dollars and the subs went all bad after the 2nd episode. But I think it was ok enough because I did finish it in one go. I finished all 13 episodes in 1 night and I slept before midnight!


But I still can’t forgive the writers! Why did Riku-san have to be that annoying? And the little sister was weird. How come they allowed her to play the ‘wife’ part? Ack… And the coach!


Still, the series has also some good points. I really have a soft spot for fellows that are supportive. His nickname from the family rocked. Ne, ikemen-san?


a good watch

March 28, 2011
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It was Friday and I was looking for a short movie to entertain myself with. Good thing I dropped by dramacrazy to check out the latest subbed series/movie and I’m so happy to have stumbled upon this series.

Propose Kyoudai is a feel good series. I liked it. Yes, it can be described as a ‘typical Japanese love stories’ but I’m ok with it. The 3 brothers and cousin were cute. If I were to ask which part was my favorite- I wouldn’t know how to answer.

The 1st one was ok, I think. It was an introduction to the series so it was kinda boring, somehow. I spend a lot of time remembering who the girl is and what series I saw her in. After a couple of hours, I remembered! She was the girl opposite Miura in Samurai High School! hahaha

The 2nd episode was really cute! I totally feel for Jiro. Koike Teppei was really cute! This is my first time seeing him so I actually had a fun time squealing like a fangirl.

The 3rd ep was ok also. I mean I’m all for the fact that he proposed when they were kids and all. But the dude still has a lot of growing up to do. I’m amazed at the girl ’cause she married him- but what else can I say?

The 4th ep with the cousin is hilarious. hahaha. I loved how they played around him having walls and actually have a lot of holes in it. I especially liked the part when he was telling his cousins all about the girl and they were just amazed that he was talking, about a girl. This has got to be my favorite scene in all the series:

Although, I think I’m biased with this ep. cause it’s a closure and everyone made a cameo.

All in all, it was a good 4 hours! I laughed and giggled a lot and it made me realize, again why I love watching Japanese series. Where else can you watch 4 love stories and not have a single kissing scene, but still tickle all your romantic senses? Yeah, this is why I love Asian series.

‘Happy ever after, anybody?’

been a while

March 23, 2011
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Good things happen to those who wait – especially if what you’re waiting for is the subtitles for the movie Kimi ni Todoke.


So just imagine my glee when I found out that the movie is already up in one of the most awesome sites there exists:! I think all my tiredness disappeared; well not all, just a considerable amount. Yey!!!


If I loved Haruma Miura in High School Samurai, I love him more now because of this! hahaha. Oh yeah! I’m in drama heaven right now!!!

Nippon Banzai!

March 16, 2011
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A Magnitude 9 earthquake, tsunami and now, a looming nuclear disaster.

Yet , I think Japan will stand strong!

They survived World War II and the atomic bombings, among other things.

But sadly, Doreamon didn’t make it…

Photo Via Yahoo News

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