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All brain; no heart | February 7, 2011

This weekend was spent watching the King’s Mr. Brain. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to watch it. But since I had time to kill, I watched it. I wasn’t disappointed! — I think.

The series was fine, I think. It wasn’t exceptional, but it was bearable. I did make the effort to sleep at 5am so I can finish watching it. Yet as what is in my title, it was all brain; there was very little heart. Sure the characters had their moments- but there was no emotional content to it.


I would have wanted more from Mr. Brain’s character. The assistant was funny but naïve and somehow detached. The other supporting characters were just there to support Mr. Brain. The cases were thought provoking, I guess or I simply just wasn’t thinking; as is my normal mode when I am watching these kinds of series.

Kimura is getting old. Yes, I said it! Well, I know everybody is supposed to know that but I just saw Love Generation a couple of weeks ago so I was kinda shocked to see him. There was like a decade gap; that figures.


I’m not sure though if they had it in their mind to make a sequel since the bad guy was still free. I’m even more unsure if I would want to watch the sequel, if ever they decide to make one.

Something I did appreciate about it was all the stuff they said about the brain. I can’t be certain majority of them are facts but hey- additional info is always good. I might have a better way of seeing whether people lie or not. Thanks to Mr. Brain- if a person looks downwards to the right, most probably they’re lying. Haha.

So for that- thank you Mr. Brain!



  1. I liked the little animated neuroscience factoids, too! 😉 But not much else, hahaha. Oh, and did you jump up and down when JUMP! started playing? (‘coz I did… shhhh!)

    Mr Brain is definitely lower-tier on the Kimuradorama pyramid. Too bad ‘coz the budget must have been staggering for a Jdorama. And yes to what you said about Mr Brain Kimura vs. LoveGen Kimura. Aging 12 years in J-Ent time — with the smoking and the stress and the sleepless shooting nights — is like 3 decades in normal people time, hahaha. (I miss LoveGen Kimura! *sigh*)

    Comment by Ender's Girl — March 24, 2011 @ 12:34 pm

    • Hi EG!

      Can i just say that i am pleasantly surprised?
      This is like me meeting my idol in person…
      hahaha… cause I read your blog, a lot.

      I think it was a bad idea that I watched Mr.Brain right after LoveGen. I saw the difference in his face clearly But I agree with you- if Kimura was a normal person, he wouldn’t look like that (still very good looking).

      I want more of Kimura!

      Comment by gieasakura — March 25, 2011 @ 6:09 am

      • Hehe, didn’t know you read my blog, but that’s really nice to hear! 😀 I’m also glad to have stumbled across yours; I do a random WordPress search for Kimura or JE-related posts every few months or so, and your entries popped up in my last search. xD Always good to meet a fellow KimuTaku fan!

        I’m also awfully curious about which Kimura dramas you’ve seen beside Brain and LoveGen, if you don’t mind my asking… =)

        Comment by Ender's Girl — March 26, 2011 @ 3:51 pm

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