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good enough | February 1, 2011

Yes, First Kiss was good enough for me!


Honestly, I did not want to invest in this drama. I know the ending anyways, so that would be ok. But being the otaku that I am- I still did. But I did skip from Episode 1 to 11, then back to 6 onwards. I was only curious as to how Mio and Yuki-sensei got together.  Sure, Yuki-sensei did turn me off, but they did call him ikemen doctor. Fortunately though, I got used to his face and the boy knows how to smile. I must say I would forgive him also, had I been in Mio’s shoes. Sure, he stood her up on their 1st date but he sure made up for it! Gyah! I am becoming teary-eyed just thinking about the 2 of them. I do hope they get back together.

I must say that Onii-chan’s relationship with Takagi-sensei is also sweet.


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