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incest? | January 28, 2011

That was my first thought when I played Episode 1 of First Kiss. I mean seriously, is this actually happening?

So with this question in mind, from Episode 1 to the last episode. I needed to be sure that this was not one of those incest-angst-filled series. hahaha. Fortunately, it’s not of that genre.

Doing that jump was actually a bummer. I ended up watching the entire ep so I now know what will happen in the end. Yet in spite of this, I think I’ll still give this series a chance. I will still watch it in its entirety.

Sure, I feel like I’m looking at Makino from Hana Yori; and Coach Kawasaki from Buzzer Beat; albeit just a younger versions- but I can handle it. I think the drama has enough emotional staying power for me to stick to it. Hopefully after watching it, I might have more good things to say. (Exclusive of the fact that the OTP’s teeth are really distracting!)


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