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First time with the king | January 24, 2011

Ok. I am really a late bloomer. Not only did I come to love anime and dorama late in mylife, I am also late in getting to know the king of dorama.

But that changed today.

I just had my fair share of the dorama king himself. My first experience with him is Love Generation. And I’m just realizing that the King was made king because well, there’s just no one like him.

Although it was weird watching a dorama that was made during the late 90’s; it was still kinda worth it. Everything was old but it was old in a dorama way still.

I can’t elaborate that much, but my favorite line would be not between him but with Riko and her dad.


“Sorry for making you worry.

I was never worried.

So you knew?

I knew when you came back that you were just running away.

I’m sorry.

It’s ok. Just as long as you know where to run away to then that’s fine.”


That was dorama in its absolute greatness! But of course, the moments with Riko and Teppei are just made up of dorama magic. Sure, I don’t like the fact that she was clingy and jealous all the time. Plus, he was so-s0. Well, two imperfect people make one true to life relationship.

I now understand why, of all people, he is considered the Dorama King. Kimura has that boyish charm that can easily transform to a manly aura in a matter of seconds. Oh, and his nose! My gosh his nose! Plus his smile!

Consider me a part of his fan club.


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