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shincha? | January 19, 2011

Yes. I’m having a hard time watching koreanovelas lately. It might be because I am in the ‘dorama’ mode. But still. I tried watching Mary stayed out all night yesterday and it just didn’t work for me. I also started wathching Rain’s Fugitive/Runawa Plan B, but also to no avail.

I am a fan of Jang Geun Seuk and I really, really admire Moon Geun Yoong. Why is it that I am no the least interested or even excited to watch Mary?! I have all the reasons to watch… well not a lot of reasons. I heard and read somewhere that the story was really bad. It was so out of this world and illogical, watching it won’t make sense. Are these bad reviews the reason why I’m not into it?

Rain, on the other hand, is enough reason to make anyone stay glued to the TV. He is ‘My name is Wain’. The story seems interesting enough but there was so much running around. I got too tired the first few minutes into the series. Plus the fact that I don’t like the lead actress. She was pretty in all the right places, but not to me. Also, yeah, yeah! The second lead was from Home Run! And I loved him there… so why did I skip from Episode 4 to Episode 20? Lack of staying power…


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