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2nd best | January 5, 2011

What makes a series successful? Yes, the leads! BUT, if there were no equally amazing second leads- then there wouldn’t be enough staying power. And for Kimi ni Todoke, they are the staying power for me!

Ryu and Chizuru are one odd pairing. Well, odd for my purposes. He likes her, she likes his older brother. She eventually finds out the older brother is getting married, gets angry at Ryu but ends up looking to him for comfort. He, on the other hand, just waits for her to get over his older brother. Oh yeah, he likes her that much!

I’m actually unsure whether I’m rooting for Ayane and Pin. Yeah, the all the clues and hints are there- but Pin is a 10-year old boy trapped in a 30-something person. hahaha. But anyways, seeing these 2 couples really make Kimi ni Todoke a really good series to watch!


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