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i knew it!!! | November 2, 2010

it was tooooo good to be true! I mean Baek Seng jo being a goody-goody-sweetie?! It’s just so unlike him!hahaha. But as a fangirl, I still hoped it would be true.6pm PH time, I waited for the 1st wepisode to air in youtube- and I was not disappointed. Armed with print screen, I gleefully took these pics!!!

This picture of “weeded bliss” just doesn’t reflect who you are as a couple. I mean, really… Baek Seung jo being lovey-dovey? If cats can talk, sure. But really… I don’t think so.

Now this…

This is the more accurate presentation of who you are. LOL!!

Ha ni, I feel for you girl!

But you wouldn’t be Ha ni if you didn’t try. So try you did to make him your own version of an English breakfast; of which we know ended like a disaster. But still- he loved your coffee, even if I’m also unsure whether that was really edible.

But he wouldn’t be Baek Seung jo either if he wouldn’t appreciate it, right? You really are sly! You act all cold but when she’s not looking you’re all smiles! Aish!Why do I tolerate you and your smiles?

Ok! I am so gonna a couple shirt-jacket-shoes, whatever it is that you’re trying to advertise! hahaha. I’m gonna buy a couple-anything!!!

But at the end of the day, this is my takehome! Yah, Baek Seung jo!!! It’s really the little things that you do that make Ha ni and me fall in love with you!

I know that this episode and the other eps are like so fanservice, but I’m not complaining. Bring in all the fanservice!!! I’d gladly take it, any day. And yes, in spite that I only knew 3% of the Korean that you used in this ep, I think I understood 90% of what happened. If that ain’t love, I don’t know what is. hahaha! Tomorrow can’t come too soon- for ep2!!!


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