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very afraid | October 25, 2010

It has been a while since I last wrote anything… And I must admit I am very afraid to write another one. PK has ended and I don’t know how to end this series as well. All I know is that I loved it and I am now trying hard to move on with my life. And it has been so hard…

How can I forget you? How can I when my new phone is named Baek Seung Jo and my wallpaper is Hani and Seung Jo and my ringing tone is the OST for this series? How? Tell me…

How can I when all I can remember about you is this scene of uber cuteness and utter delight?But I know that all things must come to an end. You even had your own party. I am so gonna miss you…


Pictures via: dramabeans. com and ockoala and


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