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one reason | October 8, 2010

I did blog about having asked a lot of why’s recently. On this Friday, I think I found out an answer.


Methinks I am so affected by this drama because it both amazes and frustrates me. It amazes me to think that despite being the normal girl, Seung jo can fall in love with Ha ni. Seung jo, being the genius that he is, literally has everything. The other things he does not have, he can work for it. He is the epitome of a perfect guy; of course, except the part of him not feeling and showing anything. But, who wouldn’t feel giddy and all love dovey about this guy falling in love with a not-so-smart-but-determined-girl right?


That being said, I go now to the opposite side of the spectrum. I am frustrated with Ha ni. Yes, I am all for this girl; I cry with her, laugh with her. But why does her world need to revolve only on Baek Seung jo? Why?!


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