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goodbye to the cute | October 8, 2010

-and say hello to the drama!

I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!

I knew all along that it wouldn’t be a kdrama if there was no angst. It would be like dragonball z without the dragon balls. Anyways, fine. I know that this is a necessity in the story and that really this is one of the main plots of the original manga story- but why oh why does it have to be this sad?!

Sure there were moments of glee! Just like when Seung jo did this i-don’t-really-care-but-i’m-gonna-butt-in-anyway moment. This was really cute and elicited a major fangirl scream from me. Oh we ALL know you like Ha ni, but dude do you have to be so sly?! And Ha ni, I hurt so much because you’re so dumb. I would actually be willing to donate some of my intelligence to you just so you can get it! Aish!

We are in episode 12 and the next week will surely be torture. To counteract that, I am officially deciding to focus on work. Yes. I promise, I will not visit soompi after today. Promise! I will not lurk in several forum sites to know the latest on what’s gonna happen next. I will simply wait for next Wednesday to know what would actually happen. So, please help me God.

Huhuhuhu. Seung jo… I know you’re gonna make it up to Ha ni in the future but dude, you’re really killing me. Can’t you just grow up already? I know you had to undergo the straight to curly hair, to the now neither-straight-nor-curly phase- but… I actually have no words.

Since watching this drama, I noticed I’ve been using the words BUT and WHY very much. And I am asking myself why again, why am I putting myself through so much torture for you?! WHY?! Don’t answer that…I am literally crying real tears for this show… waaahhh!

Let the withdrawal begin…!

Pictures via: and MBC.


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