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forum stalker | October 7, 2010

Does anybody know that it is very hard to catch up with forum sites?! Just let a day or couple of hours pass and you could be 5-7 pages behind already. It is especially hard if you’re busy and hardly have time to update that when you do- you have no choice but to go several pages back to where you last visited.

Playful Kiss, why do you do this to me? Why am I investing emotions on you? You make it so hard for me. You make it hard because I wait for you every week and when you have a less-than-satisfying episode- I get crushed. You make me hope that Baek Seung jo would do something and then he turns back to being the cold-hearted person that he is. Waaah. This just makes me bleed.

Why? Why do you do this?

But all the more… I am pissed at myself. Because, I still watch and wait for you. Yes, you cold and unfeeling person! But I do love the way you smirk. Why oh why, do I do this to myself?!

Yeah, I know. It’s cause when Ha ni turns back, you go and smirk and love her without her knowing. Oh PK, I’m so into you.

Picture via:,, soompi and MBC.


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