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defraud | October 7, 2010

It is an hour and a half after I’m supposed to have gone home from work. BUT. I am still here in the office. I am still here because the temptation to watch you online is so strong. Even if I won’t understand a thing, I still want to be able to watch you unfold real time. Even if I know I might be disappointed- I still want to stick around and find out what you were talking about in this picture:

Yah, Baek Seung jo! Do you have to be such a clueless dude?! Ha ni is so worried and you’re just doing your own thing. My heart breaks because hers is crushed! Dude, if you’re not sure about her then don’t let her get close to you!

Disclaimer: I am pretty sure a few years from now, I would laugh at myself as to why I actually made these entries.


Pictures via:,, soompi and MBC.


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