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closure? | October 7, 2010

You’ve got to be kidding, right? This is so not the closure for Bleach. Right? Right? Right?

Sure, it has all the elements of an epilogue. It seems Byakua, Kenpachi and Shunsi are all well and being scolded by Yamaji after losing their Captain’s haori.

And all three are expressing their personalities with their answers.

And even Ukitake is well and as always hanging out with his underlings.

Even Gin and Matsumoto are having a closure… Though I must say I’m lost as to what really happened to Gin. Did he die or just disappeared like he usually does…?

Plus, we actually see the entire gang behaving just like usual, with Orihime being the person that she is. (Oh, my heart aches for you Orihime. If only Ichigo would realize he loves you, then the world would be a happy 0range world.)

BUT. Seriously. Is this actually a closure???

I know all to well that everything started when Ichigo met Rukia and that this picture shows us that Rukia is fading away… BUT, I refuse to believe this is the beginning of the real end!




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