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October 29, 2010
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As I’ve been watching a lot of kdramas lately, it felt really good to hear Japanese again; after a very long time. Accidentally clicking on dramacrazy gave me a real surprise when I saw that the 2nd movie installment of Nodame Cantabile is now uploaded and subbed! I have waited so long for this… and now it’s here!

gyaaaabooooo! Nodame-chan and Chiaki Sempai sure look good together!!!



October 28, 2010
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“I’ve become what I’ve always dreamed of.”

– Kurosaki Ichigo.

Hail the start of a new Bleach era!



It’s already been 17 months?! My gosh… the amount of time skip is still small in number as compared to the months we’ve waited to finish this current arc. haha. But seriously…?!!!

Yeah, that makes the both of us. What could possibly they (meaning everybody) been up to? But hey, even if a lot of things changed; a lot of things are still the same. Like the fact that I still love Bleach. Yey!

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very afraid

October 25, 2010
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It has been a while since I last wrote anything… And I must admit I am very afraid to write another one. PK has ended and I don’t know how to end this series as well. All I know is that I loved it and I am now trying hard to move on with my life. And it has been so hard…

How can I forget you? How can I when my new phone is named Baek Seung Jo and my wallpaper is Hani and Seung Jo and my ringing tone is the OST for this series? How? Tell me…

How can I when all I can remember about you is this scene of uber cuteness and utter delight?But I know that all things must come to an end. You even had your own party. I am so gonna miss you…


Pictures via: dramabeans. com and ockoala and

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October 11, 2010
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Ok, yes, I lied.

In spite of me saying I would not lurk around forum sites… I was not able to keep my word. I spent precious hours catching up on what I missed about PK.

And now I CANNOT WAIT for this Thursday episode. Gyah!!! Finally- the rain/confession scence!!! gyahhh!! And since I will be out of town on that day and the place I’m staying has wifi- I just might see this episode live!!!


Pictures via Sarah & Blue and Hyununiversal and

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one reason

October 8, 2010
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I did blog about having asked a lot of why’s recently. On this Friday, I think I found out an answer.


Methinks I am so affected by this drama because it both amazes and frustrates me. It amazes me to think that despite being the normal girl, Seung jo can fall in love with Ha ni. Seung jo, being the genius that he is, literally has everything. The other things he does not have, he can work for it. He is the epitome of a perfect guy; of course, except the part of him not feeling and showing anything. But, who wouldn’t feel giddy and all love dovey about this guy falling in love with a not-so-smart-but-determined-girl right?


That being said, I go now to the opposite side of the spectrum. I am frustrated with Ha ni. Yes, I am all for this girl; I cry with her, laugh with her. But why does her world need to revolve only on Baek Seung jo? Why?!

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goodbye to the cute

October 8, 2010
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-and say hello to the drama!

I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!

I knew all along that it wouldn’t be a kdrama if there was no angst. It would be like dragonball z without the dragon balls. Anyways, fine. I know that this is a necessity in the story and that really this is one of the main plots of the original manga story- but why oh why does it have to be this sad?!

Sure there were moments of glee! Just like when Seung jo did this i-don’t-really-care-but-i’m-gonna-butt-in-anyway moment. This was really cute and elicited a major fangirl scream from me. Oh we ALL know you like Ha ni, but dude do you have to be so sly?! And Ha ni, I hurt so much because you’re so dumb. I would actually be willing to donate some of my intelligence to you just so you can get it! Aish!

We are in episode 12 and the next week will surely be torture. To counteract that, I am officially deciding to focus on work. Yes. I promise, I will not visit soompi after today. Promise! I will not lurk in several forum sites to know the latest on what’s gonna happen next. I will simply wait for next Wednesday to know what would actually happen. So, please help me God.

Huhuhuhu. Seung jo… I know you’re gonna make it up to Ha ni in the future but dude, you’re really killing me. Can’t you just grow up already? I know you had to undergo the straight to curly hair, to the now neither-straight-nor-curly phase- but… I actually have no words.

Since watching this drama, I noticed I’ve been using the words BUT and WHY very much. And I am asking myself why again, why am I putting myself through so much torture for you?! WHY?! Don’t answer that…I am literally crying real tears for this show… waaahhh!

Let the withdrawal begin…!

Pictures via: and MBC.

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October 7, 2010
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You’ve got to be kidding, right? This is so not the closure for Bleach. Right? Right? Right?

Sure, it has all the elements of an epilogue. It seems Byakua, Kenpachi and Shunsi are all well and being scolded by Yamaji after losing their Captain’s haori.

And all three are expressing their personalities with their answers.

And even Ukitake is well and as always hanging out with his underlings.

Even Gin and Matsumoto are having a closure… Though I must say I’m lost as to what really happened to Gin. Did he die or just disappeared like he usually does…?

Plus, we actually see the entire gang behaving just like usual, with Orihime being the person that she is. (Oh, my heart aches for you Orihime. If only Ichigo would realize he loves you, then the world would be a happy 0range world.)

BUT. Seriously. Is this actually a closure???

I know all to well that everything started when Ichigo met Rukia and that this picture shows us that Rukia is fading away… BUT, I refuse to believe this is the beginning of the real end!



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October 7, 2010
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It is an hour and a half after I’m supposed to have gone home from work. BUT. I am still here in the office. I am still here because the temptation to watch you online is so strong. Even if I won’t understand a thing, I still want to be able to watch you unfold real time. Even if I know I might be disappointed- I still want to stick around and find out what you were talking about in this picture:

Yah, Baek Seung jo! Do you have to be such a clueless dude?! Ha ni is so worried and you’re just doing your own thing. My heart breaks because hers is crushed! Dude, if you’re not sure about her then don’t let her get close to you!

Disclaimer: I am pretty sure a few years from now, I would laugh at myself as to why I actually made these entries.


Pictures via:,, soompi and MBC.

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forum stalker

October 7, 2010
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Does anybody know that it is very hard to catch up with forum sites?! Just let a day or couple of hours pass and you could be 5-7 pages behind already. It is especially hard if you’re busy and hardly have time to update that when you do- you have no choice but to go several pages back to where you last visited.

Playful Kiss, why do you do this to me? Why am I investing emotions on you? You make it so hard for me. You make it hard because I wait for you every week and when you have a less-than-satisfying episode- I get crushed. You make me hope that Baek Seung jo would do something and then he turns back to being the cold-hearted person that he is. Waaah. This just makes me bleed.

Why? Why do you do this?

But all the more… I am pissed at myself. Because, I still watch and wait for you. Yes, you cold and unfeeling person! But I do love the way you smirk. Why oh why, do I do this to myself?!

Yeah, I know. It’s cause when Ha ni turns back, you go and smirk and love her without her knowing. Oh PK, I’m so into you.

Picture via:,, soompi and MBC.

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flames of desire

October 4, 2010
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or ambition or whatever title you actually have…

Honestly, I really, really want to watch you. But you’re a weekend drama and you’re not a rom-com and you’re actually very sad and dark and evil and you’re 50 episodes and you just started!!!

yeah, I’m a fan of you two cute little kids. BUT. You’re sad and dark and evil and you’re 50 episodes.  I will try to watch after you’re done airing and I will see. I can’t give you my word because if you’re as sad and dark and evil as they say you are- I just might not even get near you. Oh but I do want!!!

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