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you can never can tell | September 24, 2010

Just because they published the last chapter does not mean that there will be no more additional release. This is one amazing fact that got reinforced today. Just when I thought that FMA was over and there would be no more updates, Mangastream tweeted that they released the Gaiden issue!

Not that I’m complaining or anything; I’ m actually so happy at the moment. It says it’s the epilogue of what happened when Ed and Al went home to Resembool: his old armor body was shipped by Central.

I just love Ed and Winry’s interactions. I was tempted to say Ed-Winry-Al interaction, but Al rarely says anything when these two are like this.

This is another classic! Now this is a picture of Ed-Al-Winry interaction! Ed is really a protective old bro.

I think this is the perfect closure to Al’s former armor self. How fitting that his head will be used a home for stray birds.

I am close to letting my tears fall… huhuhu. I will miss FMA!


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