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미안해 | September 24, 2010

– which is produced as Mian-hae, meaning “I’m sorry.”

Mian-hae Hong unnis. In as much as i love your writing and Gumiho- I love PK more. Yeah, I know:  I’m unfaithful. Forgive me. Rest assured I will still watch it, but I want to be truthful when I say I am even more excited about what will happen to Ha-ni rather than Mi-ho.

Even if I was absolutely won over by Shin Mi-na’s acting, mian-hae. Honestly, I didn’t watch A love to kill,  was disappointed when I found out she was the lead and thought that she was too old for the role. I never felt so happy to be wrong about something because she’s just amazing!

Mian-hae, because despite Lee Seung gi’s charm and transformation, I am still awed by KHJ. Yeah, I know compare the two as actors and KHJ will eat a lot of dust. But still… there’s just something.

And even if, you’re so cute together-


My heart is really beating for them now. They had me at Yah Oh-Ha ni!

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