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The only exemption | September 23, 2010

For anybody who claims to be my friend, knowing that I am no fan of Hollywood series is an obvious fact. Yeah sometimes I do watch, but not to the point that I go gaga over it. And I don’t think I’m ready to change my mind about that. But on this one time only, I am making an exemption by writing about Glee. Yeah you read it right- this is about Glee.

I actually spent a precious hour to watch the primetime telecast of Glee in ETC. Why I watched it- because of Charice. Even if I am an otaku, I am still a Filipino; and Filipinos should support each other. I did not watch the 1st season but I know enough to know the general feel of the series. And Charice- you made me proud!

Of course I’m sad that you’re gonna be part of Vocal Adrenaline; but I was clapping when you started to sing Telephone and I even gave you a standing ovation when you sang Listen. All in all I am happy to have watched your first episode in Glee. I’m just not sure though if I can still watch the next episodes. I’m just not into the whole never-ending-seasons style of Hollywood. I’m afraid that I might get so hooked that I’d actually die of waiting. Rest assured I will still support you, albeit in the shadows. But hey, kudos to you!

I am hoping that you get to be friends with the other Asians. I had a good laugh when they said that the “Asian community is tight”. Although I’m not sure if I am actually happy about them getting together, but Tina does have a point: Mike’s abs are too irresistible. Anyways, I do hope and pray that you would succeed in your Hollywood career. Mabuhay ka teh! Karirin mo na yan ng bonggang-bongga!

My fingers are still crossed about you being part of Vocal adrenaline…


I found myself singing to the tune of pyramid but with different lyrics.


Ang English ng bato ay stone.”



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