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lovin SUJU: Heechul | September 20, 2010

In spite of everyone calling Heechul the resident oddball of  Super Junior- I believe he’s just, well, weird. The first time I saw him was in the series Golden Bride. After that, I once again saw him in the family comedy, Bad Family. He was always one of the supporting characters but he still made an impression.

Especially in Golden Bride, anyone can tell that he was really as “naughty” as he seemed. He started out to be the “rich-spoiled-but-totally-adorable” guy in that series but later on matured into a “i’m-gonna-take-responsibility-for-you”. It doesn’t matter that their story was a tragic one that had to undergo separation, a 3 0r so year separation even. Yet they still got back together in spite of all the drama, so yey!

But yeah anyways, this cameo in I am Legend once again reminds me that even though I love Soi Won, Heechul also holds a part of my K-pop heart. hahaha


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  1. heechul!!

    Comment by paopao — September 21, 2010 @ 8:59 am

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