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From butterfly to… | September 14, 2010

– a weird from of evolved specie that is known as Aizen.

Seriously, Aizen is weird. He’s just weird. This panel right here says a lot about what’s happening. I mean just how many times can one person evolve? Even if this person is an anime/manga character, there’s bound to be a point where enough is enough. This  has to  STOP!

  • First, he was the glasses-wearing dude.
  • Then, he became the dude who has several strands of his hair in his face
  • After that, he became a butterfly with red flowing hair.
  • His face split into two.
  • Now, he looks like (1) Greed in Fullmetal Alchemist
  • (2)  ray shark gone wrong
  • (3) hollow that obviously hadn’t eaten any plus lately…

Why oh why do I still read Bleach?


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