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a dose of Kpop | September 3, 2010

I admit that my ipod really is multi-lingual. Not only does it play english and tagalog songs, it also has a mix of japanese, korean and even spanish and french songs. In as much as I would have wanted jpop and jrock to be the majority- kpop rules and reigns in my ipod.

Goes to show also that I am also a fan of the people that make Kpop a regular in my ipod. First on the list is 2ne1. Oh, I can still remember the giddy feeling of wanting to listen only to 2ne1 songs. I simply adore Dara, love Minzy, always surprised by Cl and envy Bom. Oh yeah baby- if ever they have a concert in Manila, I would definitely watch – in my Kpop attire!

My next entry is something I don’t normally do. (I’m sounding defensive already) But just one look and it was enough to make me want to post it for documentation purposes.  I don’t even know who T.O.P. is but I so like the concept.. eeerrr. But I do know her as the evil stepmother in Cinderella Sister. Yeah, she’s 27 years older than he is.

He’s 24 and she’s 51. The whole cougar thing had its full effect on me with this shoot. Too much Kdrama had me thinking that she’s his friend’s mom and that her daughter has a thing for him but he likes older women. gyah!!!

This post would not be complete without mention of my favorite Kpop boyband: Super Junior. And my fave Suju member: Soi Won.

They had me at Sorry, Sorry


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