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The evolution that is… | September 1, 2010

This series has had many names. It was first Itazura na Kiss, then it became It Started with a Kiss, then  followed by They Kiss Again. Now, it will be known as Playful Kiss. All in all there have been 4 attempts and I loved all of it!

The very first that I saw was the Taiwanese version. I chanced upon seeing the trailer in a local network and was intrigued by it. I mean who wouldn’t be curious when you a see an uberhot Chinese guy by the name of Joe Cheng right? But seriously, the whole “he’s perfect while I’m a normal girl” is such a sellable plot who wouldn’t’ fall for it?

It was a couple of years before I saw this 1996 version. Honestly, I was kinda hesitant. But being the dorama fan that I am, I just couldn’t resist. Even if this series was only 9 episodes long- it was able to still deliver. Kotoko was just as clumsy as Zsang Chin and Irie was even more arrogant than Zhi Shu.

And the sequel. This has got to be one of my favorite series of ALL times. Zhi Shu was able to redeem himself in the second installment. And honestly, until now I still watch this everytime I find myself with nothing to do. With ISWAK, I would ask myself whether Zhi Shu actually loved Zsang Chin- here, I was confident he did. He just had a different way of showing it!

Of course, I wouldn’t be an otaku if I didn’t watch the anime version. Here, Irie-kun was Irie. I knew he loved Kotoko, but it took a lot of convincing. I still loved it and the OSTs from this anime is one of the top most played in my ipod. It was kinda short though. I would have wanted to see more of them. I mean, how can you compare 25 episodes to 50 episodes of the Taiwanese version? But I was still happy with it!

And yes, we have the Korean version. I have yet to see if this will actually live up to my expectations. But I’m optimistic! This series will premiere today and I can’t wait for the recaps.



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