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Special A all over again | September 1, 2010

In as much as I loved Special A and would want to keep it as one of my most beloved shojou anime- I have to move on. And Kaicho wa Maid-sama is my current favorite at the moment. Literally translated as “The Student Council President is a Maid”, this anime is a very fun series to watch. Not only is it funny, it also has the right doze of kilig that I’ve come to miss. A plus point is that Usui is kinda like Kei as well.

I started watching this last night but found out that I only had until episode 6.  It is during this time that I thank the creators of Wikipedia. Voila! Just search it in Google and you can find a detailed synopsis of the episodes. And reading until Ep 20 has been fun. Well, it’s not like its the best in storyline- but it has enough to make me want to stick to it.

Of course, having a leading man like him is also a major reason.

Usui is the perfect blend of smart, responsible, apathetic yet chivalrous dude that makes any shojou manga/anime a delight!


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