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i’m such an otaku | August 26, 2010

Because I’m such a nice person, I decided to accompany a friend to “housesit”. Since I’m already a nice person, I also decided to wait for her to finish her french lessons so we can go “home” together. To kill time, I went to Market-Market to amuse myself. The places I went to really revealed my interests.

My first destination was in Book Sale. I thought I might see a good book that would interest me enough to buy it. But then I remembered why I was nice enough to housesit- to save on transportation. If  I would buy something, then that would defeat the purpose of saving right? So I left the bookstore because I just might be tempted.

Next stop was Video City. I know I have a membership here so I could easily borrow something. When I entered, a movie about zombies and mental patients was playing. I got too distracted and ended up watching the last 10 minutes of the movie. Like all movies of this genre, the movie ended tragically – 2 people survived but the entire zombieland managed to break free and is about to take over the world. Disgusted, I left the store to just roam around the mall.

Then I saw Comic Alley. I couldn’t contain my excitement upon seeing this. This was like Disneyland for any Japanese anime/manga fan. So I spent the next 60 or so minutes just checking out all their products. For a stall that was miniature in size, an hour is like forever. I inspected the posters, the keychains, the keypads, the CDs, the wallets, the ballers- EVERYTHING.

Then I saw something that made me think, “I have to have a picture with that”. That was my train of thought cause it was so expensive, no way I was buying it. But since I spent the past hour just rummaging through the products without buying anything yet, I kinda felt ashamed to ask the saleslady to have a picture with their product. This is the part where I realized how much of an otaku I am. I bought a CD so I can have enough “integrity” to have my picture!

So here it is. Presenting the proof that I am indeed an otaku:

I mean who wouldn’t love Urahara’s hat right?


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