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reluctant fan | August 20, 2010

I am a reluctant fan of Naruto.

I only started reading this manga a couple of months ago, the month when they released the part where Hinato almost died. Since I am a hopeless romantic, I am rooting for Hinata- Naruto tandem. I’m not sure if they actually have a name for this pairing. Hinato maybe, haha?!

But yes, I am also following the manga already. Though, I read it after I finish reading Bleach. I gotta keep my loyalties you know. But I do find the story interesting also. But since I missed the hundred-something chapters- I’m not as die hard as the others. Still, it is enough to know that I can always ask my brothers to explain who or what is going on.

One interesting part of Naruto I like is about his parents. The mere mention of Minato is just enough to make sad.  If only they didn’t die… If only..

That’s why I was so happy when I saw this…


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