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an ode to bleach | August 20, 2010

I think it is only fitting that my first entry should be about bleach. not only is it the first anime that got hooked into the otaku world once again; it is the only manga that i have been faithfully following -every week- for the past 2 years now.

Also, what better way to do this than to pay homage to the creator of Bleach.: Tite Kubo. TK, as he is fondly called by Bleach fans is a genius!

Yes, that statement is completely biased. If he weren’t one then how could he have created such masterful storytelling and superb cast? Yeah, those statements are also biased.

With the end of Fullmetal Alchemist, I’m looking forward to how Bleach will wrap up. I’m sure a lot of people will react but I still believe that Bleach will have an awesome ending!

GO TK! I support you all the way.

I also must say that it is not enough to make a blog about Bleach and not mention about its lead. Ichigo- I am so fascinated with you. So fascinated that I actually considered naming my future son Ichigo.

I do hope you’ll hurry and save Karakura town and defeat Aizen already. While you’re at it- decide whether you like Orihime or Rukia. But I’m rooting for Orihime. I think she’s perfect for you. She’s just the right blend of fun to give color to you otherwise bleak persona. But hey, who am I to say this to you? Just prioritize defeating Aizen first ok?!


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